Welcome to Relive Wedding! If you are here then you are planning your wedding.
Browsing our pages you will know us better and you will understand love we have for the audiovisual story.
Our strength is our artistic and technical experience acquired during years of work combined with passion for cinema and undeniable mood for strong emotions!


For years we work with professional photographers who boast meny awards in the context of global excellence. The tupe of service we offer is the photographic Reportage, or, the authentic and spontaneous tale of the whole event, built on a continuous research of unique and unrepeatable moments. Get to know them better in their page!


Before you star reading we make a polite request: forget the definition  “home movie of marriage”,  into our site it’s banned!!!!

What we realize is Your wedding FILM.  The biggest challenge that we face every time is to merge the aesthetic beauty of cinematic image with the authenticity of the style Reportage. We use the word”chellenge” because unlike the film sets, for us each shot must be good to first ciak!!!

There is nothing more beautiful than capture all those moments that elude us in real time because of their transience, in the video may  instead  find their real importance. We take those particular loads of meaning that make the difference and that through our film last forever .

DO NOT FORGET THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR FILM therefore welcome new ideas, new inspirations , otherwise we will be happy to guide you with our experience in this amazing journey .

Our estimates are affordable and diversified in order to give the opportunity to all of you to get various types of production and a fabulous memory of the event for life. ASK FOR A QUOTE